Red Eft

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Red Eft is a publication featuring horror, fantasy, suspense and speculative writing and art. We seek work that reflects relationships to nature, the subconscious and altered realities. Each submission is judged individually, so if you're not sure whether it's right for Red Eft, send it along anyway.

Red Eft is published twice a year, in spring and fall but may go to a third issue each year, depending on the volume accepted material.

Poetry: Please send up to five poems at a time of up to 30 lines each. E-mailed submissions are accepted; no attachments, please.

Fiction: Seeking fiction up to 2,000 words. Occasionally, slightly longer pieces are published upon special arrangement with the author. Unsolicited manuscripts should adhere to the word limit. As with poetry, e-mail submissions are accepted, but please, no attachments at this time.

Art: With the new online format, color as well as black and white can be accepted. If sending by email, please send in jpeg format. If sending by postal mail, please do not send originals, but only high-quality copies.

Dragging the Lake (Articles, interviews and book and film reviews:) Please query with a proposal first. Most are staff-written, but new voices and ideas are always welcome.

All submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio. Payment at this time is only in acknowledgements. Bios may include a link to a Web site or e-mail address, if desired.

Rights: Red Eft buys one-time rights, which means rights revert to contributors upon publication. However, if you use your work again elsewhere, acknowledgement of its previous appearance in Red Eft is appreciated. Accepted work is kept in online archives of each issue.
If sending by e-mail, please send to

By postal mail, to Red Eft, c/o Meg Smith, P.O. Box 8797 Lowell MA 01853-8797 and include an SASE for items to be returned. Poems sent this way should be single-spaced; fiction manuscripts should be double-spaced.

Allow up to eight weeks for a reply both for postal and e-mail submissions. Usually, replies are much more prompt, but please give up this amount of time. If you don't hear back by then, by all means, send an e-mail asking about the status of your work.

Thanks for sinking into the bog with us...we always await the arrival of new species, so we look forward to hearing from you.