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Illustrations of chameleons, circa 18th century

Marcela AgŁero is a native of Argentina whose resume includes work in fashion photography and in Gothic music. Her art appeared on the cover and inside Red Eft issue III. Her publication credits also include the Gothic music magazine, Industrial Nation.

Tippi Blevin's poems, stories, and artwork have appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies. Her first comic book, titled Cursed, was published by Top Cow Publications. In its paper incarnation, Red Eft was one of the first zines to publish her poems. She's an avid reader in the field of marine biology, with a particular affection for sea stars and other echinoderms.

Cathy Buburuz lives in the Great White North (Saskatchewan, Canada) where she writes tall tales for publications including City Slab: Urban Tales of the Grotesque, Black October, Space and Time, Midnight Street, Potters Field, Post Mortem, Scared Naked and In the Outposts of Beyond.She illustrates for a handful of magazines, and designs T-shirt images and greeting card art for several online companies. She edits Champagne Shivers magazine which is now available in print from Project Pulp.

Nathaniel J. Connors is an actor from Somerville, Mass. His work has appeared in various periodicals throughout the Boston area as well as on

the webzine, Mothwing, Friends of Poetry in Quincy, Mass., published his first book of poems, Sometimes, Perhaps, in 1999. Another book, Why Air Winks at Me, also published by Friends of Poetry, is due out in spring 2005.

David Daniel's newest novel, The Marble Kite, was published by St. Martin's Press in 2005. He is author of eight previous novels and more than 75 short stories. He served as Jack Kerouac Visiting Writer in Residence at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in 2004. He lives in Westford, Mass., from where he carries on his continuing love affair with the neighboring city of Lowell. He welcomes correspondence to

John Grey is an Australian-born poet, playwright, and musician. His latest book of poetry is What Else Is There, published by Main Street Rag. He work has been published recently in Oyez Review, Blind Man's Rainbow, and Poetry Depth Quarterly.

Kate Hanson is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a bachelor's degree in English with a writing concentration. She is co-editor (and creator) of Renovation Journal, a Lowell, Mass.-based literary arts journal to help foster the arts in the Lowell community. In her spare time she enjoys reading, eating asparagus and accumulating parking tickets in downtown Lowell.

Denny E. Marshall lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has had artwork published in numerous publications. This includes Star*line, Red Owl, Bathtub Gin, Eratica, Honey, Meat Whistle, and Once Upon A World. He has has had poetry published. He likes to play guitar and enter song contests sometimes.

Anne Madigan Murphy earned her bachelor of science and a master of arts degrees at Boston College, and has been teaching writing courses at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and elsewhere for many years. She has been writing poetry off and on since her youth; local publication credits include work in The Lowell Pearl,The Offering. and Renovation. She is also devoted to her multi-generational family, ranging in age from four months to 96 years.

Octavio Ramos Jr. lives in New Mexico and has published more than 100 short stories and novellas. His story, "Chico's Hand," marks his second appearance in Red Eft.

Eric Stanway is an illustrator and newspaper graphics artist, musician, cat lover and Dr. Who aficionado. His graphic novel work includes his interpretation of "Night of The Living Dead."

Maria Garcia Tabor is a poet and writer of short fiction. Her publications include The Cafť Review, The Maryland Poetry Review, Pennsylvania English, Dream International Quarterly, Lullwater Review, LUNA, Cipactli, Prairie Schooner, Flytrap, Santa Clara Review and Haight Ashbury Literary Journal magazines among others. She also serves as editor of the Homestead Review literary journal.

Jeffrey Thomas is a veteran of the horror genre small press whose art and fiction publication credits are too numerous too mention here. His latest novel, "Everybody Scream!" is available through Raw Dog Screaming Press and is a continuation of his acclaimed "Punktown" series.

Gay Tracy says: "As an artist, I follow my own muse.† Painting, for me, is about color, motion and emotion and their expression as form on canvas.† My palette and subject matter reflect the joy and humor I find in the world of my imagination and in everyday life.†Intense complimentary colors give my work its signature exuberant color.†The boldness creates verve and spirit that is unique to my work. Colors pop giving movement and life to my paintings.
"I describe myself as a 'messy' painter because I often use my fingers to blend the color, and at the end of the day, my face and clothing reflect my palette.†"
Gay has been working in oil and acrylic paint since the mid-1960s. In 1999, she was accepted as a resident artist at the Brush Gallery and Studios in Lowell, Mass.†She also creates mixed-media art, using quotes, her own poetry, natural papers, fabric and florescent acrylic paints.


In addition to being editor and publisher of Red Eft, Meg Smith is a poet and fiction writer, newspaper editor and Oriental dancer.

Lawrence Carradini took on the mantle of associate on-line editor of Red Eft when he didn't feel he had enough to do as a poet, biologist and president of Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Inc., a non-profit organization that produces an annual literary festival devoted to writer Jack Kerouac.

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