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Story in Parts

'Snake Dream' By Gay Tracy

The razorblade sun slit my eyes open
and the yellow stung

like acid. The acid as force, I ensconced myself
in snakes. They gave me pints of cheap

beer and introduced me to charmers.
In the evening, after the sun

dulled the moon rose like a bubble.
We moved into a dive bar

that played Indian music on the jukebox.
We drank so much it was difficult to hear.

An itinerant woodsman showed me his ax,
then chopped off my feet. I fell to the floor.

On my belly I crawled out
to a green field full of frogs

who knew I moved with snakes.

No frog talked to me. I gave
a "ribbit" to break the tension.

This loosened us all up. I flopped
and rolled. Tears welled

in my eyes, stinging
like hell. I raised an arm to the snakes.

The O.K. sign to come on
in. The frogs

never had a chance. Afterwards,
the snakes and I partied

at the rest stop of another itinerant woodsman
with a very sharp ax.

In the morning, I reached for the alarm
but sometime in the night

I had lost my hands.